There has been 2 things viral lately, one  being dreadful Ebola virus ; culprit of numerous death tolls and second ice bucket challenge.  The  virus itself is a very unfortunate tragedy of human kind and i pray god that victims get the cure ASAP and the virus gets eradicated from earth while i have mixed feeilngs about the latter “ICE BUCKET thing”.

Being marketing student myself,at first i loved the marketing concept to run a donation campaign. Millions of dollars has been raised while also generating awareness about disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) .”FACEBOOKIFICATION” factor  has exponentially increased the exposure   of the campaign but lately i feel it also has been  degrading it.  The beautiful campaign has turned  into  ugly wet T-shirt Facebook contest.

Keeping the marketing tactic one side, donation is the offering from “halves ” part of society to ” halves not” part of the society. The main message of the campaign is being pushed into the back and, the “fun” of tagging friends and wetting yourself is being the highlight. As flock of sheep, everyone is following the Facebook fad and forgetting the  very own concept of  alien word called “DONATION”.

People in Africa are dying because of dehydration ;They wait hours in scorching sunlight to get a liter of water; even i dont have to go far, people in my country walk hours to get a bucket of water. But in the name of  “beautiful cause” people are wasting water In any book , i haven’t found donation being associated with “wasting ” anything. Irony is , we are wasting precious thing like water for concept like  donation.

If you want to donate, donate that bucket of water to the needy ones, if you want to donate, donate a bucket full of food to needy ones, if you want to donate, donate your one day pocket money to  needy ones.  No matter how small your contribution is, it still is million times better than wasting anything. As mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”


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