The “smart” phone Dictatorship

Last Monday afternoon, my belly was rumbling because  of hunger so  i called my friend so we could go to some place and have  some lunch.  After 10 minutes which felt like ages , the food finally came and  I thought finally I could stuff my belly up . As i was going for my food, my friend stuck a huge phone between me and the food and  started ” photo session” with it.  After few clicks and types  in awkward angle, the humble food was celebrity in his Facebook desperate for likes and comments.

As technology is getting better and stronger like some big  fat buff with cocktail of steroids, a mystical thing called  over “smart” phones have popped out and fallen into the hands of every next person. The “smart” phones have clutched us  like the vicious. tentacles of giant octopus and we also have welcomed it with both arms wide open.  The  phones  which was meant to be a means of communication has turned into  a  invincible device which has engulfed poor alarm clock, gaming consoles, television, radio, mp3 players and what not. Slowly, the invincible powerful plastic and chip gaint is also engulfing, dictating our life.

People ask  ” whats wifi password” before ” how are you”,   one cannot engulf a morsel without  taking the pictures of  their meal, toilets has turned into photo studio, “duck face” has taken place of ” smile” while capturing images, ” miscalls” has taken place of ” hi”. One has been so much addicted to their phones, that it has become another ” basic need”.  Technology has  made  world a global villages, communicating is cheap; the distance between you and next person 1000 miles far seems near but  they dont realize  distance between their family  and friends has turned so far.  People have been dictated by the “communication device” so much that they have forgotten solid one to one communication. Socializing  has turned into chatting and calling “electronically”

Children of 90s and before that loved playing outdoors. Now the device has engulfed “outdoor ” playing with the whole wide world of ” electronic play”  . Now days children can dribble, shoot, and run with their  fingertips. Children love the simulation so much that they have turned their face away from reality.One seems to forget the thin line between the reality and the simulation. Its sad to say this but, phones are getting smarter and turning people dumb. Technology has great use and so does the phone, but one should realize and wake up from their digital dream ” you control the “smart” phone, “smart phone” doesnt control you.”  The world is bigger than screen of your “smart” phone.


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