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Beyond my  skin, inside my heart

 runs a  torrent  of boiling blood,

Full of angles and demons.

Fighting, endless battle of soul and mind,

The battle of  fire and light,

Battles that  god of war would delight.


Angles want  love, Demons want lust,

I don’t know whom to support, whom to trust.

Angels seem invincible , they seem strong

Mighty demon pounces back, dear my, I was so wrong.


Colliding, thrashing, ripping and biting

Battle is gory, yet so exciting

I lay down , tired of the fight

My soul is bleeding, blood as black as  a night


Demon says, love hurts, Lust is what u need

Lust is sin, Angel disagreed.

Demon is losing, starting to stumble

Angle is hurt too, both start to crumble

Do hell with angel and demon, stop the bloody fight

Love and lust, both is my part, both I delight.










You are my sun

You are my star

Deep in my heart.

Thats the place where u are

Yes i have screwed up and made u hurt.

But now its high time
To change and i will,

until then forgive me not.

I want to stay, joining hands together

Hoping and praying,

That our souls intertwine together, FOREVER