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Passer By

passer by

Yes, you were right. To you, I was just a passerby encountered in a public place and nothing more! We were on the brink of moving on two divergent ways and directions. The time was drastically limited. Actually, it had begun with a greeting shown from my side. Only God knows how much effort I made to find a pretext to create such a relatively conducive condition to talk to you and make the eye contact with your stunning eyes for a few seconds. However, then all my endeavors to prolong this conversation proved futile when I saw you first body’s movement to pass me even though our brief talks hadn’t been finished yet. No sooner had the happiness and hope, formed by your fleeting smile, surfaced in me than the sweetness of the joy gave its place to the bitterness of leaving. You were right! There was no reason to let the talks go any longer, “I was a passerby only”.

However, the reality was that we were from two different worlds, dear. Your world is one in which its habitants try to make any decisions based on the so-called logical reasons and publically accepted rules only. The personal benefit is overriding factor, prior to any steps to be taken. They preferably want everything to be guaranteed before making any choices. Making friendship with someone of course is not an exceptional issue in your world. There should be adequately convincing causes to make such a relationship, mainly based on conventional rules. Many questions need to be perfectly answered before even thinking about someone as a partner. Logical reasons, compulsory qualifications, conventional rules… and again convincing causes, logical reasons… oh…, oh…when all these ridiculous words and phrases come to an end to let us hold our hands without saying even any word!?…

For this reason I have chosen to live in another world; “world of fantasy”,the world in which you don’t have to meet these meaningless criteria to make friendship or fall in love with somebody. You can’t benefit from your especial and suddenly shaped social position in every field of life, nor can you suffer from not having those so-called reasonable qualifications to do a thing you want to. Having unfettered life far away from all those irritating rules can only be an advantage. The different atmosphere in which human’s ear is capable of hearing the heart’s words and voice and there can be found a room for sentiment, affection, truthfulness or even love at first sight.

However, it is regrettable that I have to say there is an endless distance between your world and mine, dear. Even a flicker of hope of joining them is nowhere in sight. What is the main culprit? I might have been mistaken, yes! You were right, “I was a passerby only”


Long Distance Relationship


I know its most cliched question but i dare to ask again , ” What is love”?  Dictionary says its variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. But can these simple words describe this vague feeling? I doubt so. 

If we search intenet , we can find billions of love posts, we can read thousands of love stories and there is a separate universe of romantic flims. Still question arises, can someone fully describe whats love. Does someone have to be together for love to grow or 2 person thousands of miles away can also share this feeling? The debate between these two questions  continues and  the views on ” Long Distance relationship” varies person to person.

Either you say love is just “hormones ” screwing your brain  or love is a devine feeling ; there is no  distance factor in love . Love grows on the foundation of trust, mutual understanding and selflessness. When these foundations are strong and love is pure, distance doesnt matter. 

The biggest example i can give is myself. My girlfriend lives  6000 km  away from me , skype is the venue for dates, lunches happen on viber and late night dinner on phone. Geographically, the distance seems huge but when i close my eyes , i feel her right next to me. The foundation of love is strong thus no matter what our relation is no different from any other relations. I believe , long distance relation is the biggest test of love. If you have understanding, trust and patience  endure the test, then you can feel that h/she is the special one.

Some may mock, long distance relation is just “digital love”; It cant be practical; it wont work.  If simple thing as distance comes between  the relation then my friend, the relation itself didnt work from the beginning.If love only worked when two persons are physically together, then breakups would be a rare word. Distance doesnt make love impratical or it cant be blamed that  it wont work; main thing is how you cope up the situation and move on.   I know being together, being able to held hands together, hugging each other and being together is a nice feeling  but waiting for someone and being finally able to run towards  each other, that tight hug and  that first kiss after so long is surreal. As Hellen Keller said, “The best and most  beautiful  thing in world  cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with heart.  Distance means so little when someone means so much.”


You are my sun

You are my star

Deep in my heart.

Thats the place where u are

Yes i have screwed up and made u hurt.

But now its high time
To change and i will,

until then forgive me not.

I want to stay, joining hands together

Hoping and praying,

That our souls intertwine together, FOREVER