Passer By

passer by

Yes, you were right. To you, I was just a passerby encountered in a public place and nothing more! We were on the brink of moving on two divergent ways and directions. The time was drastically limited. Actually, it had begun with a greeting shown from my side. Only God knows how much effort I made to find a pretext to create such a relatively conducive condition to talk to you and make the eye contact with your stunning eyes for a few seconds. However, then all my endeavors to prolong this conversation proved futile when I saw you first body’s movement to pass me even though our brief talks hadn’t been finished yet. No sooner had the happiness and hope, formed by your fleeting smile, surfaced in me than the sweetness of the joy gave its place to the bitterness of leaving. You were right! There was no reason to let the talks go any longer, “I was a passerby only”.

However, the reality was that we were from two different worlds, dear. Your world is one in which its habitants try to make any decisions based on the so-called logical reasons and publically accepted rules only. The personal benefit is overriding factor, prior to any steps to be taken. They preferably want everything to be guaranteed before making any choices. Making friendship with someone of course is not an exceptional issue in your world. There should be adequately convincing causes to make such a relationship, mainly based on conventional rules. Many questions need to be perfectly answered before even thinking about someone as a partner. Logical reasons, compulsory qualifications, conventional rules… and again convincing causes, logical reasons… oh…, oh…when all these ridiculous words and phrases come to an end to let us hold our hands without saying even any word!?…

For this reason I have chosen to live in another world; “world of fantasy”,the world in which you don’t have to meet these meaningless criteria to make friendship or fall in love with somebody. You can’t benefit from your especial and suddenly shaped social position in every field of life, nor can you suffer from not having those so-called reasonable qualifications to do a thing you want to. Having unfettered life far away from all those irritating rules can only be an advantage. The different atmosphere in which human’s ear is capable of hearing the heart’s words and voice and there can be found a room for sentiment, affection, truthfulness or even love at first sight.

However, it is regrettable that I have to say there is an endless distance between your world and mine, dear. Even a flicker of hope of joining them is nowhere in sight. What is the main culprit? I might have been mistaken, yes! You were right, “I was a passerby only”


Long Distance Relationship


I know its most cliched question but i dare to ask again , ” What is love”?  Dictionary says its variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. But can these simple words describe this vague feeling? I doubt so. 

If we search intenet , we can find billions of love posts, we can read thousands of love stories and there is a separate universe of romantic flims. Still question arises, can someone fully describe whats love. Does someone have to be together for love to grow or 2 person thousands of miles away can also share this feeling? The debate between these two questions  continues and  the views on ” Long Distance relationship” varies person to person.

Either you say love is just “hormones ” screwing your brain  or love is a devine feeling ; there is no  distance factor in love . Love grows on the foundation of trust, mutual understanding and selflessness. When these foundations are strong and love is pure, distance doesnt matter. 

The biggest example i can give is myself. My girlfriend lives  6000 km  away from me , skype is the venue for dates, lunches happen on viber and late night dinner on phone. Geographically, the distance seems huge but when i close my eyes , i feel her right next to me. The foundation of love is strong thus no matter what our relation is no different from any other relations. I believe , long distance relation is the biggest test of love. If you have understanding, trust and patience  endure the test, then you can feel that h/she is the special one.

Some may mock, long distance relation is just “digital love”; It cant be practical; it wont work.  If simple thing as distance comes between  the relation then my friend, the relation itself didnt work from the beginning.If love only worked when two persons are physically together, then breakups would be a rare word. Distance doesnt make love impratical or it cant be blamed that  it wont work; main thing is how you cope up the situation and move on.   I know being together, being able to held hands together, hugging each other and being together is a nice feeling  but waiting for someone and being finally able to run towards  each other, that tight hug and  that first kiss after so long is surreal. As Hellen Keller said, “The best and most  beautiful  thing in world  cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with heart.  Distance means so little when someone means so much.”

The “smart” phone Dictatorship

Last Monday afternoon, my belly was rumbling because  of hunger so  i called my friend so we could go to some place and have  some lunch.  After 10 minutes which felt like ages , the food finally came and  I thought finally I could stuff my belly up . As i was going for my food, my friend stuck a huge phone between me and the food and  started ” photo session” with it.  After few clicks and types  in awkward angle, the humble food was celebrity in his Facebook desperate for likes and comments.

As technology is getting better and stronger like some big  fat buff with cocktail of steroids, a mystical thing called  over “smart” phones have popped out and fallen into the hands of every next person. The “smart” phones have clutched us  like the vicious. tentacles of giant octopus and we also have welcomed it with both arms wide open.  The  phones  which was meant to be a means of communication has turned into  a  invincible device which has engulfed poor alarm clock, gaming consoles, television, radio, mp3 players and what not. Slowly, the invincible powerful plastic and chip gaint is also engulfing, dictating our life.

People ask  ” whats wifi password” before ” how are you”,   one cannot engulf a morsel without  taking the pictures of  their meal, toilets has turned into photo studio, “duck face” has taken place of ” smile” while capturing images, ” miscalls” has taken place of ” hi”. One has been so much addicted to their phones, that it has become another ” basic need”.  Technology has  made  world a global villages, communicating is cheap; the distance between you and next person 1000 miles far seems near but  they dont realize  distance between their family  and friends has turned so far.  People have been dictated by the “communication device” so much that they have forgotten solid one to one communication. Socializing  has turned into chatting and calling “electronically”

Children of 90s and before that loved playing outdoors. Now the device has engulfed “outdoor ” playing with the whole wide world of ” electronic play”  . Now days children can dribble, shoot, and run with their  fingertips. Children love the simulation so much that they have turned their face away from reality.One seems to forget the thin line between the reality and the simulation. Its sad to say this but, phones are getting smarter and turning people dumb. Technology has great use and so does the phone, but one should realize and wake up from their digital dream ” you control the “smart” phone, “smart phone” doesnt control you.”  The world is bigger than screen of your “smart” phone.



Beyond my  skin, inside my heart

 runs a  torrent  of boiling blood,

Full of angles and demons.

Fighting, endless battle of soul and mind,

The battle of  fire and light,

Battles that  god of war would delight.


Angles want  love, Demons want lust,

I don’t know whom to support, whom to trust.

Angels seem invincible , they seem strong

Mighty demon pounces back, dear my, I was so wrong.


Colliding, thrashing, ripping and biting

Battle is gory, yet so exciting

I lay down , tired of the fight

My soul is bleeding, blood as black as  a night


Demon says, love hurts, Lust is what u need

Lust is sin, Angel disagreed.

Demon is losing, starting to stumble

Angle is hurt too, both start to crumble

Do hell with angel and demon, stop the bloody fight

Love and lust, both is my part, both I delight.












I fear that  day  when I lose my heart

When all my dreams,  pushed out from myhead

When all memories, feelings and will power

Lay in the  the bed of death.

I fear that day when I lose my identity

My my joys and my delight

All taken from me ,on one  dreadful night.

I fear l will lose my importance,

My knowledge , my skills and my virtue

No matter what I try, what I do

Its happening, and I know its true.


You are my sun

You are my star

Deep in my heart.

Thats the place where u are

Yes i have screwed up and made u hurt.

But now its high time
To change and i will,

until then forgive me not.

I want to stay, joining hands together

Hoping and praying,

That our souls intertwine together, FOREVER


Epic Fail: One sided lop story

Sitting  beside “raju paanwala’s ssop” , Ram Bilas says to Gajothar “ see there goej  your bhabhi”. “ Gibhen the phact that Ram Bilas is a “gymwala” , no one ssud look at the girl becauz he will be beaten to pulp.

The poor girl doej not ebhen know tyat there ij a boy named Ram Bilas.

This story goej phaar beyond  that in the topic. I am sure you must habe experienced it sometime or other.

Returning to write this story in normal form,< above lines inspired from cheesy Tamil dubbed movies > , people from everywhere are witness to this happening. The case with girls is not  like the above mentioned story.  If there is a guy in her class, she looks across to him with puppy eyes , may be once or twice  and the boy  is on that vicious circle of so called love.  This may be result of 2 factors. Either the boy is one of the ahem “ He goat  type”  or the boy really  falls for those puppy eyes(rare syndrome but possible)

But the case with ‘ lop at first sight’ and no sight after that has  highest probability, I would like to say 99/100 times.   The famous (birdwatching or hunting) is a  national  time pass for the  chiya pasal  boys  who look at the girls passing  by and label them with two names : Tero bhauju ki mero bhauju. Its easy to say but its real challenge for him to  find out details about her.(if he dares  and she cares) .Once in blue moon he might even find that, but he multiplies the fact  and says “ she talked to me yar” ,” aja date ma gayera ako ma”, “

But  as  I said, most of other times, I would like to say a Chinese alu ghadi  will be more durable than that so called love. Do that in Bollywood or our own Nepali movie and you are screwed. Generally hero and heroin strike at college, heroin’s book  falls down and eyes of both meet when both try to get that book.  After 15 minutes and a  song , heroin and heros are (janam janam ko sathi) and  a maran-chyase hero is able to fight 10 mustandas alone for her .  But one must keep in mind a serious statement
(yesh katha ka sapai patra kalpanik hun ra bastavik jiwan sanga mel khaye ma samyog matra hunecha).

One sided love stories are  more fun to friends than you.  The wicked smile whenever she passes by, the continous hit of dialog” uuh tero budi” when she is near  .!, , also We all have that  one single friend who gives lectures about relations to you and you listen to that poor fellow .  you might even scribble her name  on class benches , public toilets or back side of mandirs ; something like “ Bittu loves Munni “.  

The best part of one sided love story is  its FLEXIBILITY. There is no complications what so ever. If one story is failed then , shed a tear, share a beer, “ oh ! dear”  and move on to your next target. One sided love stories , add spice to our lives. Whether it be girls  swooning over the morbid, dull and lifeless(literally) , Edward Sullen, Cullen or other vampire /wolves  or the guys drooling over the lively ,cute and oomphy Megan FOX. Come to think of it , they will never have a eye contact!

AND, they give us a topic that can last for at least 3 days which starts with “ Dude, I saw an awesuummm girl today”…. And ends with  friend saying” leave it yar, she wasn’t meant for you…………… OAAAIII KTA HOO!!!! uhh tya herta  “